Flirt with Failure

Nov 15, 2021


Flirt with Failure

Failure is simply feedback.  Think of a child trying to walk.  They fall and get up with joyful glee!  No tears.  Let’s play through the fall-downs, dust ourselves off and get our fanny up again.  I mean really, how far is your ass away from the floor?  Mine is closer than it was when I was 20.


It’s OK to Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine so I’m told.  A few years ago I broke a cankle actually going up the stairs.  I guess these bones are brittle.  My students asked me what happened.  I have been known to embellish a bit so this is what I said;  “I was heli-skiing which is when they drop you out of a helicopter and you ski down the mountain.”  They looked in awe of their professor.  Yes, I am playing pretend and they bought it! I did come clean eventually and we all got a good laugh.


Get up with Gusto 

Ok, so you didn’t stick the landing, but the get up could earn an Olympic gold medal.  Whether you are beaten, bruised, or broken in life’s fall downs - you can style your way to getting back up.  The view is different when you are down.  The upward possibilities are endless.  


Caution:  Get your “But” out of the Way 

When you are down, it may be tempting to use excuses (buts) of not trying again.  Excuses are the lip service or that convincing “kiss it all better” that give us permission to do nothing. Well, pucker up buttercup because there is work to do! 




And then I could...

But I might fail again

And when I try...

But I can’t do it

And now I know….

But I’m not good at things like that

And I am smarter about…     

But it takes too much money

And I want to….

But it takes too much time


When you have the power to choose, playful possibilities emerge.

When you start saying “and” in your life you realize that failure and success is merely feedback.  This takes you out of the failure, embarrassment and/or shame game.  Truth be told, no one is watching you fail, they are dealing with their own stuff. Take your power back and decide to get up.