Fun in the Follow Through

Jan 11, 2022


“I went for years not finishing anything.  Because, of course, when you finish something you can be judged.”  - Erica Fong


We have started a million diets/budgets/workouts/plans/do lists on Monday and ate the pie on Tuesday, right?  We have big dreams, exciting goals and liberating ideas at the gate.  We can also envision our victory lap.   However, somewhere between the start and the ‘ta da”, we don’t stick the landing. We simply don’t follow through.  

 For all you baseball fans, It’s not in the wind up, it’s in the follow. If you have learned any type of skill, it takes practice, consistency and finally the follow through. 

It takes understanding that following through is the pivotal last step in your aim to the goal.  A miss is as good as a mile.  If you have a goal without a target, how can you follow through?  


Let’s get Down and Dirty with Discipline! 

If you want to grow, learn, change the key is taking small steps and following through every day!     Any parent or teacher out there knows that discipline is one thing, but following through is where the magic happens.  So how can I get the magic wand? 


Magic:  Inch by Inch, it’s a Cinch.  Yard by Yard, it’s too hard.

I taught Elementary Physical Education years ago and this is what I told my students all the time when learning a new skill.  It is a complete hoot to watch kindergarteners learn to skip.  They concentrate so hard and after a couple of weeks - they are skipping down every hall at school. Yippee Skippee!


Want a skip in your step in accomplishing goals?  3 tips: 

1. SMART goals:  Write down your goal and be crystal clear with your target 

    1. Specific (Crystal clear on exactly what you want)
    2. Measurable (How will you measure your progress?)
    3. Achievable (Is it realistic right now?)
    4. Relevant (How will it affect your life for the better?)
    5. Timely (Is the time cost-effective/reasonable?)

2. Accountability: Tell your biggest fan your goal.  Don’t be afraid to adjust the goal as you progress.  Play continues when we adjust the boundaries to fit our needs!l

3. Follow through:  Record your progress daily - don’t skip this step!


Playful Pivot:  Reminder - Discipline all Day can be Dull

 A life full of discipline is dull and draining.  So pick and choose what you must do and have fun with the rest. Let’s throw caution to the wind.

  1. Crank up the music - if it’s too loud, you’re too old
  2. Dip your finger in the frosting
  3. Belly laugh out loud
  4. Buy the red shoes
  5. Do the chicken dance
  6. Hide your candy wrappers in the sofa
  7. Rip something up and throw it like confetti
  8. Order it in two colors
  9. Take a shot of tequila - salt and lime please
  10. Rent the convertible

I double-dog dare you!!!