Life is a Beauty Routine

Dec 27, 2021


Rise and Shine!

Most of us start every morning with our beauty rituals or routines.  Sometimes we get it right and rejoice that we found the perfect cheek blush giving a youthful glow.  Other times, there isn’t a bad hair, dark circle, pimple erupting treatment that will get us going in the morning.


Where you Invest you Invite

Are you investing the time and money into your life's routines?  Are you learning self-care, self-worth, confidence, character, and goal setting?  Imagine investing in your inner beauty.


Life is a Beauty Routine

If self-care could be described as our morning beauty routine, this is what it would look like.


Wash our face --- Get to start with a clean slate every day

Primer --- Prepare for a day of possibilities

Moisturizer --- Sooth areas that need special care

Sunscreen --- Barriers for people or things that don’t serve you

Concealer --- Leave a little to the imagination. 

Lip Gloss --- Kiss the day hello and then, goodbye

Blush --- Allow others to see our emotions

Lashes --- Crying in laughter and sadness  

Self means you, Girl!

You must take extra, extra special care of YOU!  When you choose this consistently, just look in the mirror and say, Hello Gorgeous!”