Rebound with Roses

Dec 20, 2021


With Coronavirus and the world staying home, we are forced to go back to our roots - literally.  Hair color, hair-style and playing with scissors is at the forefront.   I miss my hair stylist!  She is the one person who truly knows my rookie mistakes with scissors and hair color but loves me anyway. 


We all have regrets and most are recoverable!

So, I cut my hair.  The scissors won and now I have to live with it.  Some mistakes are fixable, returnable, refundable. We have all bought the cute top that when we got home it looked better  in our closet than on our hot bod!   How about the lip color that was way too bold.   Your lip color arrived before you did.  These are fixable and basic rookie moves in which we bounce back quickly.


Opportunities to Grow

I’ve made big mistakes too.  We all have.  They are just poor decisions that can haunt us and leave us with a plate full of regret. Check please!  These mistakes are the ones where we hurt ourselves or others and take a bit of time to heal.  The sting and awkwardness of regret is a place I don’t like to stay for very long.  I call it a mini detox retreat where I need to get real with my actions and take a dose of my own medicine.   

Life is cool, though!  We were meant to fall, make mistakes and have failures.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.  We can keep watering the weeds or choose to pull them and plant some flowers. Rebound with roses!


How to Rebound from Regret:

  1. Own it and forgive yourself
  2. Apologize to anyone you have hurt
  3. Remember how regret feels
  4. Choose a better way next time
  5. Let it go.  It’s over.  Move on.

What regrets could you make right in about the time it takes to grow out a bad haircut?  You have a choice:  make it right or buy a hat!

Play on!