Happy Space, Happy Face

Oct 12, 2021


Remember going to someone’s house where everything was in its place, everything matched and you knew you were not allowed to eat on the furniture?  I’m all for a tidy space, but let’s not suck the fun out of an environment that you spend so much time occupying. Let’s live a little, dear!


Everything in your home should represent you! 

Paint the damn wall, put up pictures even if they aren’t level, kick your shoes off and jump on the bed.  Finding joy, fun and playfulness is like finding wellness within your walls. Come on over to Casa La Blanc, yes I named my house and nest it up, Girl!


Tips to happify your home:

Paint the front door - give intrigue to your neighbors

Name your house - something exotic

Paint some walls  - preferable not grey

Throw something unexpected in the mix - Y knot?

Spray paint your outdoor furniture a fun color

Get a chalkboard just for fun

Leave some toys out - books, games, liquor; it’s fun and inviting

Buy a couch you can eat on

Eat dessert first on fancy china

Put too many pillows somewhere

Hang your hats in unexpected places

Buy candy and put it in a dish like Grandma’s house.


Bottom line, it’s your home.  Play where you live!