She's a Character

Dec 01, 2021


Who do you think of when I say, “she’s a character?”  Chances are you are thinking about the person in the room that is happy, joyful, funny, attractive, inviting, self confident and the one that can basically charm the pants off anybody.  I’ll bet you didn’t know that she wasn’t born with it.

Yes, this is an advertisement for make-up.

Even so, I’ll double down on that bet and say right now your self doubt instantly started trickling in. It told you of all the reasons you want those qualities and then gave you all the excuses why that you can’t get them.  

Girl, the positive news is that character is built through your life experiences. The good and the bad. Let's own what made us who we are, today! 


Where did you learn character?

Did you learn it from your parents, your youth, happy times, crisis, loss, set-backs, accomplishments, relationships, times of transition, etc.?  A lot to think about for sure.  

What is character?  It is basically attributes of skills and actions that guide our life choices.  It can be learning assertiveness, compassion, loyalty, patience, honesty, courage, and the list goes on.  Where did you learn these skills? From whom?

Most likely you learned more from your tough times than you did from your joyful times.  I know I did.  


You build character from living through tough times.

As a mother of five, step-mother and widow - I am no stranger to loss, set-back, disappointment, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, feeling less than  - Check a box, right? But those times have also given me immeasurable joy, purposefulness, enthusiasm, generosity, honor, and humility.

I was broken for a while and tried every bandaid in the book to find the remedy for moving forward. At some point I decided to get up, make tough changes, do the work and start becoming that girl with CHARACTER! 


Today is the day.

Wherever you are right now, making choices to develop your character will either put you center stage to style your life or will confirm your lady-in-waiting wallflower status hopeful that someone may ask you to dance. 

Create your own future! Now is the day! You hold the power to make steps toward joy. Dance to the beat of your own Dream!