To Play or Not to Play?

Dec 06, 2021


“The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.”

--Brian Sutton-Smith


Play on purpose!  Whether you are transitioning to your next act, recovering from a setback, or just simply want to work on self improvement, a playful mindset can be the key to unlock abundant possibilities.  The first step is always the hardest.

Think of a child learning to walk. They just don’t roll over and give up. To them it is fun! They get excited, they go boom.

They are completely unaware of failure or falling, and they never stop to compare themselves to other babies.  They just laugh, giggle, roll around on the rug and get up and have a do-over. Life is the ultimate opportunity of the Do-Over!


Imagine having the playful mindset of a child.

What goal, new job, new relationship, new skill would you do if you had the playful mindset of a child?  For me, I tossed my hat in the ring and went back to college at 41. Yes, I was the oldest in the class. Yes, I didn’t  know how to attach a document to an email. And yes, I had to hire a babysitter to attend classes.

I traded fear of what I would look like to others and fear of failing for a  masters degree!

Was it easy? No.

Did I fall down a few times? Yes.

But I got back up, got in the game, worked hard and played on!


What isn't a playful mindset?

Fear, uncertainty, indecision, and overwhelm are feelings that are completely foreign to the play mindset.  A playful mindset is believing you will get a dolphin for Christmas when you grew up in Montana. - Yes! I did think that! 

Play is like magic. It’s where dreams and wishes live. If you could wave this wand to your future, what would it look like?  

When we play, our brain decides that anything is possible

As we tap into enthusiastic emotions, we build momentum to keep moving forward.  Once that ball gets rolling, we forget about fear, comparison, and failure. We play forward. 

This is you, my friend. The ball is in your court! Where do you want it to go? 


Make a "Play Plan."

Do 3 playful things today.  Don't know what to do? Here is a link to my list of Playful Mindset Activities

Notice how long you get lost in the activity.  Also become aware of what might pull you out of the activity (things like self-doubt, comparison, negative self-talk, or other limiting beliefs). We can talk ourselves out of a lot. When you become more aware of the thoughts and feelings that try to pull you down, you will be more willing to stop them in their tracks!  

Play on!


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